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SCPR are currently providing communications services to Network Rail’s North West Electrification Programme (NWEP) which will transform the future of rail travel in the north. Shirley Carnegie has been commissioned by Carillion, a major contributor to the programme, to provide technical writing and general writing services to NWEP and other Carillion rail projects across the UK.

SCPR was responsible for editing the consultation documents for the “Healthier South East London, led by NHS South East London CSU in partnership with clinicians, commissions, social care leads and local hospitals. The document then fed into the wider document: the Sustainability and Transformation Plan.

SCPR's new "Global English" course is helping transform the way exam papers are written by the Institite of Chartered Accountants. Technical authors, exam moderators and other staff were delighted with the training, which focuses on writing for students who have English as a second language. Steve Osborne, Amber Cottrell, Mita Gandhi and Peter Moizer were among those who ticked "Excellent" on the feedback form for Shirley Carnegie's knowledge of the subject and ability to explain things clearly. Victoria Tiplady commented on an "informative and witty presentation" while Melanie Collings said it was "excellent to have someone so knowledgeable and enthusiastic presenting". 

SCPR celebrated another successful open training course in Birmingham in March. Delegate Charles Malkin, Communications Manager from NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG, left the following feedback: "An informative, engaging and relevant event. Shirley is a terrific presenter." Amanda Wright, Patient Engagement Officer from NHS Nottingham City CCG, commented: "Fantastic course. I really enjoyed the day. I found the content so interesting and very useful."

SCPR ran an in-house training course for Options for Life - a charity that works with adults with learning disabilities. Alice Bassett, Fundraising and Project Manager who booked the one-day course, said: "Right from the start Shirley set a relaxed tone so that all our staff felt they could engage and contribute to the day. The content was informative and we all left with a list of things we wanted to change once back at our desks, Shirley was hugely entertaining and has a real knack for making the content fun and relevant. Her love of the subject was infectious and her brilliant delivery style is a fantastic combination. We would not hesitate one second in recommending this course to others or using her services again."

SCPR recently edited samples of the syllabus and examination papers for the Institute of Chartered Accountants. The aim of the project was to ensure that the ICA qualification was accessible to students who have English as a second language.

SCPR provided training at the Clydesdale & Yorkshire Bank's HQ in Glasgow. The training was so successful, and so well received, that it is now being rolled out to complaints handling staff across the whole organisation.

SCPR wrote the copy for the new prospectus for Harrington Hill Primary School in Hackney. Head Teacher, Nicola Massey, said: "Shirley was great to work with. She was enthusiastic and encouraging and really picked up on the ethos and excellence of the school. I can't recommend her highly enough."  

SCPR worked closely with the Nursing and Midwifery Council on a number of documents, most recently their revised standards for pre-registration nursing education. The NMC is one of SCPR's regular clients.

SCPR provided training for councillors and members of the Senior Management Team at South Staffordshire Council. Steve Winterflood, Chief Executive, said: "Shirley's passion and enthusiasm for language is contagious. We've made a huge effort to change the way we communicate since Shirley worked with us. Using plain English gives our residents a better customer experience and saves us money. It just makes sense."

SCPR worked closely with the London Borough of Hackney on a number of documents. This includes regular commissions to edit their admissions brochures for schools in Hackney. SCPR is now on the list of providers for Hackney's "Services for Schools" initiative. Graziano Milano, Design & Print Manager, said: "We engaged SCPR for a client primary school prospectus. Meeting the Headteacher at the school to discuss the feel of the brochure before we started was very helpful in guiding the direction of the design concept and copy. Shirley did an excellent job and it was a joy to work with her. We will definitely be engaging Shirley for future projects."

SCPR recently provided plain English training for NHS Arden CSU. The training was so successful that the course is now being rolled out across the organisation.

SCPR recently provided copywriting for the new prospectus for Tyssen Community School in Hackney.

SCPR were called in to provide training for complaints handling staff in the Birmingham, Liverpool and Glasgow offices of the major investment company, the Pearl Assurance Group Limited. The courses were so successful that they were asked to provide the same courses at Pearl's Dublin office. Comments from delegates included: "This is the best course I've been on since joining the company in 1999." and "Brilliant trainer! Excellent course!"

SCPR recently provided plain English training for Wolverhampton Homes. The training was so successful that the course is now being rolled out across the organisation. Jamie Angus, Head of Communications and Engagement at Wolverhampton Homes said: "We've had rave reviews from all the staff who have worked with Shirley. It's so easy to get caught up in the world of jargon and public sector gobbledygook and too often we forget about the people on the receiving end of what we're writing. Shirley's really helped us to think more about what we write and the tone we use."

SCPR were drafted in to draw up a communications strategy for Birmingham's M6 Managed Motorway project. They were then asked to stay on to implement the strategy during the final construction phase, working with Carillion and Mouchel on behalf of the Highways Agency.

SCPR's plain English training continues to benefit public sector organisations nationwide. Sheila Hastie, Director of Policy at the Railway Housing Association, said: "It was an excellent course and extremely well presented."

SCPR's online training course receives excellent reviews. "I found the online course highly enjoyable. The presenters were great and made for relaxed, easy listening. I would recommend the online course to anyone as it offers exceptional value for money." Jasmine Clarke, Head of Customer Care and Experience. NHS Trafford.

SCPR were called in to oversee communications for one of the world's leading motor designer software developers, Motor Design Ltd. The 15-month commission included a complete overhaul of all written and online communications. Dr David Staton, CEO of MDL, said: "Shirley's extraordinary ability to understand the complex world of multi-physics, and then use that knowledge to transform our global communications, was recognised and appreciated by academics, motor manufacturers and internal software designers alike.

SCPR ran a pilot training course for TPP, one of the UK's leading suppliers for the NHS and healthcare industry. The course was so successful that TPP commissioned a further ten half-day courses.

SCPR edited the NHS Northwest report Transforming Community Services - Equality, Diversity and Human Rights which formed part of the region's progress towards World Class Commissioning and provider separation.

SCPR were asked to provide four half-day courses for part-time staff at Rugby Borough Council. The courses focused on letter writing skills.

SCPR provided plain English training and editing services to the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust. Roger Lowe, Marketing and Publicity Manager, said: "The knowledge and passion for language that Shirley demonstrated during the pitch for the account and throughout her training sessions, was exceeded only by the enthusiasm shown by our residents and staff who joined the courses."

SCPR edited the annual report for the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.

SCPR worked with In Auriga consultants on an independent report for the Commission for the Compact, looking at the experience of third sector organisations who had been awarded European structural funding. Jo Durning, In Auriga, said: "SCPR's plain English editing improved the quality of our report. The writing is more professional and consistent. Their suggestions made us think harder about the points we were making, so that the message became clearer and sharper."

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"We’ve had rave reviews from all the staff who have worked with Shirley. It’s so easy to get caught up in the world of jargon and public sector gobbledygook and too often we forget about the people on the receiving end of what we’re writing. Shirley’s really helped us to think more about what we write and the tone we use."

Jamie Angus
Head of Communications
Wolverhampton Homes

South Staffordshire Council NHS Trafford Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust Hackney Council Hackney Learning Trust Tyssen Community School & Children's Centre Wolverhampton Homes